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Tree trunk cross-sectionIn a market place where ensuring that procurement activities are geared towards buying sustainable wood products is not only valued by customers but is often required by legislation, it is vital for buyers in the wood and timber market to have suppliers who can be relied upon to supply sustainable wood products.
Creffields Timber & Boards Ltd, in common with many of our customers, takes these issues very seriously and is proud to say that we are certified by the FSC and PEFC and that we always strive to supply wood and timber product that is from a sustainable source. We are proud of the fact that the majority of the orders that we fulfil are from sustainable timber stocks across the world.

However, we don’t just say it; we can provide documentation to validate our position as a supplier of sustainable timber products. Our FSC and PEFC certification ensures that all products that we supply (including MDF and Plywood that carry their endorsement can be traced back to a validated sustainable wood source and we provide certificates to our customers to complete the chain when we supply the timber and boards for their projects.

As a significant supplier of plywood , MDF and other timber in the UK market, we are proud of the part that they play in ensuring that the environmental impact of supplying wood products is minimised.

Creffields specialise in the supply of flame resistant mdf and fire proof plywood and in this market we are especially aware of the importance of sustainability. Much of our sustainable timber products are used in the build of retail merchandising units, exhibition stands and film, TV and theatre sets and our customers in these markets take their responsibilities of minimising environmental impacts very seriously. Consequently, it is vital that we are able to provide sustainable wood products for their needs.

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